Best Driver Updater for Windows 10

Microsoft is notorious for rolling out several driver updates consistently. Whether it would be for your processor or additional hardware, you need to be diligent to stay up to date. It requires you to conduct extensive research to find the best driver to work with your OS for your hardware.

What if you can ease out this process? There’s no need for you to be on a constant lookout for the updates anymore. A driver updater could be a valuable companion for you to keep your drivers up to date. It will prevent them from malfunctioning and eliminate any errors.

Are you tempted to look for the best driver updater? Then seek no further! Here we bring you the best driver updater review! 

What Is A Driver Updater?

Every PC hardware for a Windows operating system requires a driver to work optimally. With time, new updates for drivers roll out. This leads to a decline in performance or even incompatibility. You need drivers for almost everything, from using keyboards and mice to anything extra like headphones, speakers, Bluetooth, or wifi.

A driver updater’s job is to ensure that you can update your drivers, or install essential ones, efficiently. Furthermore, it may help you find drivers for some components or hardware that are not readily available. The right driver updater will help you automate the process of updating the drivers. More importantly, it will find the best drivers for your PC to function without lag in the performance. 

List Of Best Driver Updaters for Windows 10:

1. Driver Booster

The best thing about the Driver booster is that it brings you a free trial version. However, it requires a consistent internet connection to work. You can have scheduled or automatic updates for your drivers without any problem. More importantly, it always makes a restore point before conducting driver updates to ensure reversal if you encounter any problem.

The free version lacks some features and has advertisements with a limit of two driver updates per day. However, if you don’t want to invest in a premium version, it will get the job done. With the premium version, you get unlimited updates and no more advertisements. 

The silent mode is highly commendable, which doesn’t intrude or obstruct you if you’re doing anything on your PC.

What we Like
  • Silent mode is great
  • Extensive driver library
  • Can automatically update the drivers
What We Dislike
  • Consistent advertisement and ‘buy’ option is intrusive while using the application in a trial version
  • The ‘buy’ option is available in ‘switch’ form, making is less than pleasant

2. Driver Genius

If you want a driver updater with minimum interference and maximum convenience, here’s Driver Genius. It is a straightforward updater that will install the latest driver for every hardware. You can schedule it or control when to download the driver. It will notify you of the latest drivers available. The best thing about Driver Genius is that it deletes older drivers. If there is a malfunctioning driver, it will provide notification, and you can update it to the new version.

More importantly, there are drivers available for almost everything you would ever need. This vast availability with minimalist user-interface makes it an excellent platform. If you don’t like the new changes, you can conveniently roll back to the previous version with its ‘rollback’ option. It is similar to the restore point but more seamless.

The trial version provides scans and information regarding driver updates. However, driver updates are available in the premium version. Thus, if you genuinely want to experience its robust performance, you need to subscribe.

What we Like
  • Fast interface with minimum user requirement
  • Deletes old and malfunctioning drivers 
  • Automatic notifications and updates 
What We Dislike
  • A yearly subscription is very costly 
  • The trial version is significantly slow in speed and performance

3. AVG Driver Updater

AVG is known for providing a world-class antivirus system for PCs. If you’re looking for AVG’s optimum security credibility, its driver updater might get the job done. It has similar ease as other AVG apps where it will run in the background without any problem.

The driver updater works robustly with the cloud server and stores a database for the scans it performs. However, if the scan is interrupted, it would have to reinitiate the entire scanning process. Similarly, you would have to purchase the premium version if you want AVG to download the drivers.

If not, it will showcase you the drivers who need updates but won’t update them. The most significant drawback is the lack of drivers in the database. However, AVG focuses on quality over quantity, so it might be the best option if you want to maintain your security. 

What we Like
  • Trust in AVG’s quality and security
  • Works in the background without any intrusion
  • Optimizes PC like other AVG tools
What We Dislike
  • Needs subscription for drivers to update
  • Subscription is costly in relation to the availability of drivers

4. Driver Reviver

Here is a driver updater with a vast library of over 10 million drivers. It is the largest on the list. That’s not even the best part! It is free of cost for you to use! 

Driver Reviver is one of the few driver updaters that provide a full-fledged and operational free version. The only drawback of the free version is that you have to manually download and update drivers one by one.

Apart from that, it can check for the latest updates and notify you as you boot up your system. Thus, as soon as you start working on a PC, you would know if there is any update required. More importantly, it purges any malfunctioning or malware-prone driver.

If you don’t have any essential driver indispensable for the Windows OS, it will notify you. Thus, you can take the right actions. 

What we Like
  • Over 10 million drivers library
  • Works with windows startup
  • The fully operational free version
What We Dislike
  • The trial version requires you to manually update the drivers
  • Doesn’t have a good scheduling option

5. Quick Driver Updater

This one comes with a plethora of features. True to its name, the updater works instantly to provide new updates and downloads them at a robust speed. However, that’s not all the driver offers. You also get a system tune-up tool with the updater.

That’s right! It has a performance booster to make high-demanding tasks like gaming become a seamless experience. The driver works with a simple interface and supports multiple languages. For security purposes, you get access to certified drivers that eliminate the risk.

Apart from a user-friendly interface, it has a precise scanner that thoroughly analyses your computer and pre-existing drivers. You can schedule the updates for a regular check, download, and installation. The trial version offers you complete access to all of the features as the pro version. However, the trial version offers manual driver installation, not all drivers automatically.

Similarly, the pro version is overall better in every department. Therefore, if you admire its performance, you need to get a pro version. It is one of the cost-friendly driver updaters available in the market. 

What we Like
  • Fast scan, download, and installation
  • User-friendly and one-click functions
  • Downloads certified drivers
  • Comes with a PC performance enhancer
  • All features accessible in the trial version
What We Dislike
  • Works best with the latest OS
  • Might require some tweaking to get a better download speed

6. Driver Finder

What if you had a driver finder that works according to the model of your system? Instead of finding the latest drivers to update them, Driver Finder works to provide the best fit. In other words, it analyses and understands the physical components of your PC.

Thus, it provides driver updates and installations that would work optimally with your model. That’s what makes this driver updater one of a kind. Alternatively, you can still download the latest drivers. For the trial version, you have access to almost all of the features except for an on-demand scan.

Similarly, the download speed is limited, and you may download one driver at a time. However, it is a very efficient driver updater that finds a 100% compatible driver, which says something. More importantly, it has minimum system requirements and works with three-step initiation for better results.

You can select the parts to scan or drivers you want to scan and download. However, it requires an active internet connection. It might require a VPN to function optimally, as it is restricted in some countries due to a lack of availability. 

What we Like
  • Finds the best driver according to the model of the system
  • Has a remarkable rate of almost 100% compatible driver provision
  • Great trial version and even better pro version 
What We Dislike
  • Might require VPN due to regional restrictions
  • Requires online connection for installation

7. Bit Driver Updater

If you’re new to driver updater to your system and need a user-friendly choice, this one wins all the awards. It has a very easy to use interface and single-menu access with all necessary options and features. Even if you’re a beginner, you will find it highly convenient to use.

The most striking feature is its ability to provide you comprehensive details of the driver. Thus, you can decide if you want to use it or not. You have both the option to create driver backups and restore points for each update for failsafe requirements.

Bit Driver Updater is gaining remarkable popularity for its simplistic approach. Due to its thorough scanning capacity, you will have hotfixes for almost every driver and other components. Thereby, it could lead to an improvement in your PC’s performance.

You can schedule the installations. While the free version is good to get you by, the pro version has significant improvements. You will have better speed and access to full-fledged backup systems among other rich options. The premium version is highly feasible for those who can’t afford high-end driver updaters. Finally, it checks for updates as your system loads up. 

What we Like
  • Beginner and user friendly 
  • Flexible scheduling options with robust backup measures
  • Driver details for better decisions 
  • Integrates several rich features with simplistic design 
What We Dislike
  • Available in a dark or black theme 
  • Limited performance

8. Ashampoo Driver Updater

Here you have the remarkable credibility of a company that’s been providing system tuning apps and other utilities for over two decades. Ashampoo Driver Updater has a remarkable one-click update of all driver features that makes update and installation easy. 

While other driver updaters bring you a driver delete and download option, this one has a repair option. Thus, it can even fix those drivers that are up to date but don’t function well. This repair feature certainly helps in tweaking up the performance.

Therefore, even if you don’t need driver updaters, it is an invaluable addition to your PC. It is highly user-friendly that even beginners can use. More importantly, it has a straightforward and very minimalist interface. That’s not all!

Ashampoo Driver Updater is compatible with every Windows operating system and provides a complete range of features. It has almost 2.5 million supported devices with easy to backup options. While there’s no way to stop the scheduled scanning, you can exclude drivers from scanning.

The premium version brings you a one-click update of all functions, which you won’t find in the trial version. However, it offers a license to use the premium subscription in upto three systems for the cost. Thus, making it great for family PCs. 

What we Like
  • One-click update all driver feature
  • Easy backup and rollback options
  • Compatible with all Windows OS
  • Can fix and repair improper drivers, even if up to date
What We Dislike
  • Trial version slacks significantly compared to a premium version
  • There isn’t an option to cancel scheduled scans and updates


The drivers have always posed some form of inconvenience for the users. If you’re looking for trustworthy and credible driver updaters, these are among the most. The list considers user convenience and different budget requirements to meet your individual preference.

More importantly, each of these drivers has a rollback or restoration point option to ensure safe installation. If you want to reduce or eliminate the chances of downloading malware-prone drivers, these are the best driver updaters available!